How to delete or hide bread crumb trail

In our application the user can start an action. The action contains 3 or 4 forms. With the button 'next' the user can switch from form 1 to form 2,3(etc). To switch we provided microflow buttons (next and previous).Every button has an action like: close form, show form 1 ... close form, show form 2 .... etc At the end the user can confirm and the forms will close. unfortunately in the top of my mendix appliction is see the bread crumb trail. For example: 'My actions > Form 1 > Form 2 > Form 3'. The problem is that i can re-open my confirmed form. How can i solve this problem??
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You can find the following html line in your index.html.

<div dojoType="mendix.widget.MxTitlePath" id="MxClient_titlepath" class="MxClient_titlepath"></div>

It's possible to delete the entire line if you want to remove the breadcrumbs.