Model does not start

De model works fine on my local machine, but when i deploy it to our test server I get de following error: Critical M2EE mxmodelreflection/actions/SyncObjects : Unsupported major.minor version 51.0 I am using Mendix 2.5.6 both local and on test server. Anybody know what is going wrong?
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It's probably a java version problem. The version on your laptop is different from the version on the server.

When you create an deployment archive your modeler compiles the java files with the compiler you've selected in the project settings. When you start the server or run the action the Java from the server tries to read the compiled action, but it can't because there are to many differences between the two versions.

If you compare both java version you will see some difference, try updating them to the same (newest) version of the Java JDK


Perhaps you should take a look at an older version of this module? You might have downloaded the 3.0 version.