LDAP bypassing authentication

I'm using the LDAP-module with LDAP authentication. I don't have userroles configured without LDAP authentication. When I want to login with a user from the Active Directory, Mendix says: bypassing LDAP authentication. I don't know why this happens. Can anybody help me out?
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From the documentation:

Userroles WITHOUT ldap authentication (new in 1.2)

This property identifies which userroles are not authenticated against ldap. This is a global property, not server specific. For example, if one LDAP server has 'FloorManager' as exception, any user which has at least userrole 'FloorManager' will not be authenticated against LDAP. (Even if the user is not from the designated server, or has other userroles).

Users with the Administrator userrole (Which can be found under Project > Security > Administrator > User role) will never be authenticated against LDAP, regardless the defined exceptions.

Probably your user is an administrator?