Strange Warnings for X-Path constraints

I have a data grid with a drop-down search attribute. If I add a constraint to the data returned on the search attribute, I get a warning logged each time the form is displayed. Here is a simple case where the search attribute is Customer, and I'm restricting the values to those with a value of Segment01 in an attribute of the Customer record: Schema ID 988282 does not exist. Retrieving all data for retrieve by xpath with params: {"schema":{"id":"988282","sort":[["Customer","asc"]]},"count":false,"xpath":"//Message.Customer[Data_Segment = 'Segment01']"} Where does Schema ID 988282 come from? The search attribute is correctly constrained, but why do I get these warnings?
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Probably you need to empty your browser cache. For each datagrid in your model a schema is generated which defines which attributes are needed by the grid. When you change your forms, some of these schema's might become obsolete.

However if you have these old forms in your cache, they are still referring to the old schema's which causes that warning.