Lots of Java errors in 3.0 RC1

When migrating to 3.0-beta I do not have any java error and all functional tests went successful. Migrating from 3.0-beta to 3.0-RC1 results in a lot of java errors and all related to cannot find symbol method getLogNode(java.lang.String) for class com.mendix.core.Core. What changed
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The Core.getLogNode(String) method has been deprecated for quite a while (since one of the first 2.5 versions I think), and has been replaced by the Core.getLogger(String) method ever since. Apparently Mendix finally removed the old method in the 3.0.0-rc1 release.

Note that most IDEs (like Eclipse) give deprecation warnings when your code is using deprecated methods; although these are 'just' warnings, you shouldn't ignore them.


"results in a lot of java errors" where...? Compilation in the modeler? Eclipse? Running in the cloud? On premise? The question is pretty vague :)