Branding - Make parts of your theme configurable in the portal

Hi everybody, In my current project, I need different styling for different groups of users. This can of course be done by adding new html/css-files to your theme and change the style as desired... This however means that for each new style I need to update the theme. My question is what the possibilities are to have 1 general layout, and make some things configurable in the portal. I mean things like this (or similar) Possibility to upload a company logo that will be shown, instead of the "defailt logo" Possibility to change theme-colors based on the chosen colors in the portal Other ways of making styling dynamic I'd like to hear if there are possibilities, and which!
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Good question, especially when you use Mendix as hosted solution for multiple customers.

You can model the logo as an image in the model en show it on every form based on the customer.

Don't know how to change css colors runtime. The only way is to change the css dynamically with a piece of java or javascript.

If you have the skills you can change the css with javascript.

See this site


Do you have different forms for different type of users? If that's true, you can style specific parts of your app for different users. You can set your custom css class in your datagrid and/or dataview and then add custom styling in your theming.

That way, you can use a general lay-out and add customized lay-out for different sets of users.



Is there any new suggestions around this ?