ExcelImporter does not allow to select an MF which returns an Integer/Long value on a Long attribute

I have an attribute of type Long. I want to use the excelimporter to import a (long) string, such as 1234500000000011. I create a MF that takes a stringvalue as input, creates an Integer/Long variable, fills that with parseInteger(stringvalue) and returns the Integer/Long variable. However, I cannot select this microflow to process the value for the Long attribute. I can when I make the attribute Integer but that returns an error because the string value is that long that it needs to be and is indeed converted to a Long by ParseInteger(stringvalue). How can I make the MF selectable on the Long attribute?
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MXModelReflection shows your microflow without output type integer. The selection form is constrained by paths based on type. You can either

Make the from MicroFlow_View editable and change the output to Long. You will have to do this everytime after syncing the objects.

Remove the 1st constraint from Column_NewEdit ReferenceSelector1 ('Parse with' 2nd column)

or Change MxModelReflection that every microflow with output integer is also added with output Long.