Problem with Internet Explorer 8

I have a problem with Internet Explorer 8. The layout contains three containers, one left, one right and one in the middle. The middle container contains all the data (i.e. menu bar) and is 90% of the screen, The left and right side containers contain only 1 image each and are 5% of the screen each. For some reason the 2 side containers only displays in firefox and chrome. In IE8 only the middle container displays (90% of the screen) and does not display the images in the side containers. Hope that makes sense...
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I've recognized your question from this post.

If you're left and right divs aren't displayed correctly, there's probably a IE related issue. You can hit F12 in IE8 to open the IE developer toolbar and see how the div is floated in the container. That's a good starting point. Do you actualy float these divs relative or absolute?

Edit after comment:

See this link for a sample


fixed the issue with the side containers. It was a problem with the div tags.