Duplicate login.html doesnt work

We've duplicated the login.html and created a customers.html. This is a copy of the login.html, except that we added some new styles and a extra logo. When we try to login with this page, we get an 404 error: Not Found The requested URL /index3.html was not found on this server. I don't have a index3.html in my theming and I also don't want it. Why does the login.html redirect work and the new login page not? Edited: I've found this in the login.js. // Log in: // index.html(form) -> (log in) -> index3.html(client) // login.html(form) -> (log in) -> index.html (client) // Log out: // index3.html(client) -> (log out) -> index.html(form) // index.html(client) -> (log out) -> login.html(form) // var url = String(window.location); if (url.match('login.html')) { location.replace('index.html'); } else { location.replace('index3.html'); } // var response_obj = eval('(' + xhr.responseText + ')'); // if (response_obj.redirect) { // location.replace(response_obj.redirect); // } else { // // fallback to default behaviour // location.replace('index2.html'); // } I've fixed it by replacing this line of code: if (url.match('login.html')){ with if (url.match('login.html') || url.match('customers.html')){ I added this file in my theme, so this one will be used to overwrite the existing login.js file with each deployment.
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