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Hi there, In my current project, we try to automate deployments as much as possible. Using a shell-script we'd like to do the steps for deployment [1] copy the mda to the server [2] backup the db [3] stop m2ee [4] unpack mda file [5] start service I'm not very into shell-scripts, but if it is just like batch-file programming (DOS), then I see a few problems, and I'd like to have your advise to see if we can work around it. @ Step 5 we expect problems when doing this in a shell-script, because when the datamodel is changed, you're asked by the m2ee if you want to execute the queries. Question 1 Is it possible to (like in the modeler) disable this question, and configure that the system just doesn't ask, but always executes these queries? Question 2: Are there other (possible) things that might prevent getting "scripted" deployment to work? I already know these - cannot create an .mda file via commandline (so we'll pick this up from some location...) - Constants / Scheduled events must be configured in .m2eerc (i'm afraid this must be done manually, but let me know if this is not the case: I'm very interested) I'd like to hear!
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You can use sed to manage your configuration file, and use expect to script m2ee. :-)


You should update to Cloud v2. Upload from the modeler, deploy, backup etc automatically via the browser.

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Question 1: You can not skip this message (I have discussed this with Mendix before.) As a solution you can take the update sql scripts and execute them on your database (depending of the version number of the data). But that requires some extra scripting or coding.

Question 2: On windows the rest can be done automatically (creating website, reverse proxy settings.

@Achiel. Not all applications fit in the cloud. Especially when interfacing with other software only works in the same Lan. Or when the customer has strict security policies.