Could not find constant definition error

I try to start my application on a Linux environment but I get the following error: 2009-09-03 09:54:49.432 ERROR - CORE: Could not find constant definition 'contractantenImportTemplateName' in the configuration file for mode 'PRODUCTION'. Please add this constant to the configuration file and restart the server. In the modeler I can only define a value for the constant for development and test mode. I can't edit constant values for acceptation and production mode. I get the error before I choose the mode in witch I want to start up. Local on my Windows machine it works for me. What's the problem?
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If you run your XAS as a service it is required to define all constants in your application.conf file.

So edit the application.conf and add at the bottom of your file:

 Constant_ConstantName = the value you want it to have
 Constant_ConstantName2 = another value
 Constant_ConstantName3 = 50