Help Text trigger not working right in IE7

Hi there, I'm working in modeler And I'd like to use the help text trigger, combined with the row-based helptext viewer. It works nice and smooth in Chrome, FireFox, but does not work correctly in IE7. Problem: Clicking on the help text trigger doesn't result in the row-based helptext-viewer to be visible in IE7. My question: does anyone know if this happens to be fixed already in a newer Mendix-version? If so, I don't have to file a bugreport. Extra info: The setup I have is that the rowbased helptext starts invisible and when a user clicks on the help text trigger it must become visible. In IE7 I get this javascript error: Problems on your webpage might prevent it from being displayed properly.... Line: 17 Char: 41820 Error: Could not get the display property. Invalid argument. Code: 0 Url: http://localhost:8082/index.html
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