Batch wrestling

I am trying to implement the best sollution for working with batches as described here: Best way to deal with hugh list But because my java skills are not that great I am having problems with the xpath retrieve in java. From searching the forum I am not the only one wrestling with the xpath and have found examples, but still have some problems. I tried what I found here: XPathQuery sort parameter and this how to assign map sort parameter but still I do not get it to work. This is my code: Map<String, String> sort = new HashMap<String, String>(); sort.put(facturen.proxies.Factuur.MemberNames.FactuurInternNummer.toString(), "asc"); List<IMendixObject> objects =Core.retrieveXPathQuery(this.getContext(),"//Facturen.Factuur", Amount, Offset, Map<String, String> sort); But I get the error that the map can not be resolved to a variable. I must be doing something stupid here. PS. I tried to sort on createdDate, but this I could not find in the MemberNames.
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Core.retrieveXPathQuery(this.getContext(),"//Facturen.Factuur", Amount, Offset, sort);

'sort' is already declared as a Map, no need to do it again.