Excel Import Column Header Values and Data

I have a excel sheet that i need to import and i am struggling to think how to import the following data. I need to import both the column headers and the data in the column into two different attributes. So i need to store the date and the value. So that i can see that in January there was 115. How can i go about making this work? Here is a picture to give a better explanation:
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You can change this matrix in Excel into a table which is straight to import. Swap the axes (copy/paste special/transpose) to get the Jan-11, 115, 4, 213, -. Now import the file.

Then copy each import definition per column to import the data. This only works if the number of row in the original sheet is limited.

Otherwise write a piece of VBA that does the trick and get

Jan -11, Total 1, 115,
Jan -11, Total 2, 4

Total 1 is missing from the screenshot but the assumed row header.