CSV export with dots instead of commas - did anything change?

I'm getting the signal that the standard csv export button now works with dots. While in the past (a week ago, maybe) it worked with comma's. At least, for this particular person. I'm wondering if this could be true. The person reporting is very sure of this as this change broke his application (he was expecting a dot, now got a comma). The app is running in the Mendix cloud. I did a couple of fresh installs this week, so it is possible I broke something. Is it possible I did something during install and, thus, influenced the way the dot or comma setting is determined? How is the csv export determining if a comma or a dot is to be used? Thanks. Toon
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You can set the delimiter yourself on the CSV export button. The standard delimiter hasn't changed for a long time. You can also set the decimal separator and group separator on this button.

You didn't mention upgrading your Mendix version so it would seem pretty odd that it changed without anyone making a change in the model.