Metaobjects as variabele in microflow

In my project I have the following construction (and problem) sometimes. Simplified I've the following metamodel: Class B inheriting from class A Class C inheriting from class A So there are three classes (A,B,C). In a microflow a B or C instance is created (dependent on a enum value). Now I want to merge those flows and use some the attributes of class A of the C and B instance in the merged flows. Is that possible (maybe a work-around)? Below I've insert a picture to clarify my problem. This is what I've tried to solve it: I can't give the objects the same name, that results in a modeler error The variable / change activity can't fix the problem. It impossible to change a metaobject variable with it.
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What you are trying to do, is not possible in the way you want. This is because you need to choose which object you want to change. You can not say it is for both. What you can do is create a submicroflow for the action after the merge. And then give the object as parameter for the subflow. After these subflow you can do the merge or not (Depending on other actions you want to do with those objects).