How can I render the position of an action triggers in the cell of an inputfield?

I would like to align my action trigger to the right in the cell of a table. How can I possibly do that? Do I have to add a class or style? If yes, what would be the expression?
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Yes you have to add a style definition to the cell around the action button (not on the action button itself). The definition is: "text-align:right;". This is the standard way to align something right.

This solution doesn't always work, because the client renders the action button in a non-floated div. If this doesn't work you can extend the solution in this way (you still need the style definition):
- Give the cell around your button a class name (for example: test)
- Define in your theme package the class .test .ViewButton as

.test .ViewButton {

This is tested, and works!


No this isn't possible. I have just tried it. But the action trigger is a complex component and that is something like saying i want the complete datagrid to align everything right, eventually everything is possible but it is a lot of work.

text-align: right; isn't enough, if you are not that good in using css it is much easier to use the table to position your button. Even when you are good in using css I still suggest you should use the table to align the button it is much faster and the modeler shows exactly how it renders in all browsers.

Edit: My response to the comments below...

Johan, I don't suggest to use css, because it requires knowledge about css and Mendix that a lot of people don't have.

The solution that herbert provides works, if you know how to create a css class file and you know how to include that class file in the application and you know how to create a theme package with those changes. The solution from Herbert is the best way to go. BUT if you don't know how these things work, most people don't know this, than my solution with the tables is much easier.

So if you are good in css and you know how to create a theme package than use css classes like herbert says.
If you don't know how to do this I suggest you should use tables to align the button it works just as good.