Grid listen property. Which grid listens to which other grid?

If my metamodel is the following: Class A with a relation (1-0) to C Class A with a relation (1-0) to B What if I have a form with three datagrids, one datagrid for each class . Suppose I set the property Context to 'listen' for the grid showing A instances and the B and C grids on shared. To which other grid will A listen (be constrained)? To C or B, or both? Can I manage this behavior?
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To manage this behaviour you can use the Context property of the datagrids. To create a situation in which it datagrid A listens to both, use the settings you described:

  • A on 'Listen'
  • B and C on 'Shared'

To create a situation in which A listens to B or C, use the following settings:

  • A on 'Listen'
  • C or B (the one it must listen to) on 'Shared' and the remaining datagrid on 'Keep'

I never used context over 3 datagrids, but I suppose it must work this way.