Impact question for database changing number to float in production

In my production enviroment i have an extra hours write module. Employees can write 'extra working hours' and send it to their manager. At this moment the customer used a number fields to write extra working hours. This week i got an Request for Change and the customer is wondering if they can write 0.5 hours instead of 1 hour(s). The impact is that i have to change the type of field from number to float. My question is: what is the impact on the database (the customer used for 6 months) the number fields. What is the best option? 1: just change the fields from number to float (in the database/modeler) 2. create new fields (float) and use the new fields instead of the number fields.
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You can just change the field type, it will convert from integers to floats automatically. Of course make a backup before making changes like this.