User statistics - suggested tweaks...

I've been looking at the User statistics module (should that be Usage statistics?) and have a few suggestions for tweaks for the next release: 1) There seems to be no Access rule set up in the domain model for the ConcurrentUserInfo object - add permissions for the User role? 2) The UserStatisticsOverview form has a title set as 'Home' - change this to something more appropriate like Usage Statistics 3) For the Last Day - Per Hour graph, change the Date formatting to 'Time' 4) For the Last week - Per Hour graph, change the Date formatting to 'Full date and time' (not sure how this will display when there is a full week's worth of data - labels may overlap) Overall, a nice module... thanks Edit: Just noticed, the axis labels are reversed too :(
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Noted, we will include the suggestions in the next release :).