Do we support multi-lingual front-end with anonymous users?

I want to create an app where a lot of information is shared without login. So, anonymous users can go to the URL and scroll through the data. Are we able to allow anonymous users to select their language of preference. I thought about an icon that switches the language after selection.
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Jornt, anonymous users get the default language (as defined in your settings).

A way of dealing with this problem would be to retrieve the OS language settings, and use that one in Mendix. This can be done with Java, working with cookies, but I guess that you need to create a feature request because I am not aware that we are able to tell Mendix to use that language.

Maybe not so bad if sb from Mendix could confirm if I don't make tremendously mistaken statements here? my wife says I often do so :)

Additionally/alternatively, you may want to give the opportunity to an anonymous user to select a language. Eg because there is a problem retrieving the language, or because you want to give the opportunity to overrule the OS language. That can also be done with Java & Cookies, and you may also need to add it to the feature request.

Are there additional ideas about this language question?


Did Jorrit already filled a feature request? Otherwise I will do so because I have the same problem.

And for the solution part: would it not be awesome if we as developer from the model could place our own variable in the Mendix cookie? This would give us developers a lot of new possibilities without having to revert to java etc. and solve the above problem.