Menu render fail in IE8

Our customer is migrating to IE8(from IE6) on their workstations and they're getting a strange issue only in IE8. A submenu item in the navigation is never visible because in IE8 clicking the top level menu item is not triggering the menu to pop out. This is the most simple feature in Mendix I think, showing a navigation item. It works in FF and IE6, but not in IE8. But on some workstations it also works in IE8, some not. So there is definitely some local issue with our customer, but I don't know what. Anyone ideas?
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Would you mind filling in a ticket with high priority?

We'll try to look at it asap! Thanks


Google Chrome Frame can be installed in Internet Explorer without administrator rights. This drastically improves JavaScript performance and standards compliancy.

There has to be a meta-tag in the <head> section of index.html for this to work:

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="chrome=1">

You can add it next to the other meta-tags. Recent versions of Mendix include this line by default.


Maybe the customer has addons installed with IE? These could probably cause conflicts.