Can a row selection on a data grid automatically trigger a microflow?

Hi, Can selecting a row on a data grid automatically pass the selection to a microflow, and trigger execution of that microflow (without having to click a microflow button which has been added to the data grid)? I have an unusual application which has a form with 6 data grids on it. The form displays a small amount of data, and is customised with my own theme. I would like to make selections on two of the grids, leave these selections highlighted, but have each selection run a microflow. I would then use microflow buttons on the other grids to run various microflows to display data, while leaving the original selections highlighted and unaltered. Could you let me know if this is possible? Thank you, Jim Longstaff.
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You can set the default button trigger to 'Single click' and set a default button in your control bar. Then just set Show control bar to false.