DataViewList doesnt save to database

I'm running version 1.6 of DataViewList and I have the following problem: When I edit the objects that are displayed by the DataViewList widget they appear to be saved. When I click 'save' and then re-open the form, I see the values that I changed. However once I restart the server, the values are lost! My form looks like this: DataView[A] -> TemplateGrid[B] ->DataViewList[C] My entity hierarchy looks like this (in relation to the form above): A (has many) B (has one) C Where 'C' is the entity that has child entities. Any ideas? Thanks!! Update: Using a custom save button doesn't work for me because the association between Entity A and Entity B doesn't show up in a microflow when choosing 'retrieve by association'. Thus I am unable to access the changed objects in the runtime cache. Update 2: I have tested with a custom save button located in the TemplateGrid. I set the microflow settings to pass all items in the grid, as well as the enclosing DataView entity. In the custom microflow I retrieve (by association) the entities that I showed / edited in the DataViewList widget and commit these to the database. Now after restarting the server my changes have been retained. This is good, however now I have a save button in the middle of my form (not what I want!) So this seems to be some kind of a limitation of the DataViewList widget (or the way the server handles the objects sent to it). Either way I consider this a bug and will enter a bug report.
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Do you use a custom save button to save the object in DataView[A]? If so, this microflow is responsible for committing this object and all objects in nested DataViews to the database. A default save button will automatically also commit the objects in all nested DataViews (if not readonly).

Before triggering a microflow, all object changes are sent to the server. As long as your server keeps running, these changes will stay in the runtime's session cache, waiting for a commit. That's why when reopening the form, it seems like the changes are committed. However, when restarting the server, these changes are gone.

By the way: be aware that the DataViewList is quite a heavy widget, and you may run into performance issues when nesting it.