Currently supported browsers

Can anyone give me an up-to-date list of all supported browsers for Mendix 2.5 and 3.0? One of our clients still has some desktops with IE 6 and wants to know what are the minimum supported browser versions.
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Internet Explorer 6 - 9 (we give a warning for people still using IE6)

Firefox 3 - 7

We support Chrome and Safari insofar that we fix bugs that are being reported, but we do not officially test them.

For end users still using IE6 you have the option to install Google Chrome Frame. It is free, you do not need administrator rights to install it (recent improvement) and it improves JavaScript performance and standards compliance by leaps and bounds.


I believe that from up to IE 7 it is officially supported, however where able IE 6 is also supported. Still i would really really stress to convince your customer not to use IE 6 as it is not only out of date it is also a security hazard as Microsoft has stopped supporting it.