Multiple Statistics objects found!

Hi, I'm getting this message on the console "Multiple Statistics objects found!"... no stack, no other information. The app is running but not entirely sure what is creating this. Has anyone seen this and know what might be causing this error for Core. It outputs this message every 5 minutes. I don't have any schedule task running every 5 minutes... not sure why this is showing. All I have added was a new entity with three fields, one long and two string, and associated it with another entity, Created a couple of forms and ran the app. LR.
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Somehow your database contains two "System.Statistics" objects, while only one should exist. This object keeps track of the maximum number of users and the known runtime instances.

Unless you're running multiple runtime instances or manipulate the database manually I would not expect this kind of behaviour.

To solve this you should delete the "System.Statistics" object which has no association with a "System.XASInstance" object. Or simply delete all "System.Statistics" objects as a new one will automatically be created if no such object exists.