Does Mendix supports JAVA 7 or should I install JAVA 6?

Does the Mendix platform run under JAVA 7 or should I still use the latest version of JAVA 6?
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Edit: this is about early Mendix 3 versions!

Java 7 appeared to contain a JVM bug which could cause serious issues with certain optimizations (for full story read this article.

For this reason I would advise not to use Java 7 at the moment (certainly not for production environments). Mendix does currently only support Java 6, as stated in the System Requirements.

We're waiting for a Java 7 update before attempting to migrate and test Java 7 for Mendix.

In the meantime if you did attempt to run Java 7 with Mendix and encountered issues which do not occur with Java 6 please file them in the Support Portal, so that we can include them in our Java 7 migration and testing process.


I recommend using Java 6.