Deploying widget on developer machine changed

After installing Mendix 3.0.0 (build 150) we discovered that there has been a change in the way widgets are loaded by the runtime. We used to remove widget.js from the deployment folder and copy our widget source files to the deployment folder of our widget. Then in the browser refresh everything (in Chrome hit Ctrl-R) and we could run the new version of our widget. There was a convenient side-effect that in debug mode you could open the source code for our widget. This worked fine in Mendix 3.0 RC1. In Mendix 3.0.0 removing widgets.js does not trigger the Mendix runtime to load the source file from the widget. The widget stills works but with the older version, the one that was in the MPK file when Mendix was started. What is the best approach now to develop widgets. Considering that I do not want to restart the runtime for every change I make to the widget. And considering I want to debug my widget source file and not widgets.js which contains all the widgets. BTW, I can't choose '3.0.0' in the Modeler version dropdown Regards, Jos Harink.
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This sounds like a caching issue. In 3.0 widgets.js is loaded from the cache, as long as the project is not redeployed. To avoid that widgets.js is loaded from the cache, just clear the browser cache (ctrl + shift + del). If widgets.js can not be found in the cache, and does not exist on the server, all widgets are loaded separately, so you can debug your widgets just like you used to do in RC1.