Custom widgets Mendix 3.0

Hi all Mendix Gurus, I am using mendix 3 and I am trying to create custom widget. This works: WidgetName.mpk (which consist of) WidgetName WidgetName.xml Widget.js package.xml But if the module is packaged for example custommodule/WidgetName ... in cases i want to use HTML templates i dont know how looks the direcotry and file structure in ProjectName/widgets. I have followed HelloWorld example, which is in tutorial and uses custommodule package. But in that case the widget can't be seen in Mendix even if i hit F4. HelloWorldProject default javasource userlib widgets package.xml widgets.mpk* custommodule HelloWorldWidget HelloWorldWidget.js HelloWorldWidget.xml I dont understand how to use it. Because here in a widgets directory there is package.xml file. I cant imagine how to use it if i will have more widgets. How can i have 2 files with same name package.xml in this directory? Awesome. Please can you provide me example how the directory structure looks like in case of packaged module (means like from Java). Regards, Lukas
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Hi Lukas, you can download this widget (using the modeler) for example to see how to pack multiple widgets into one package:

But basically, you can declare multiple widgets in your package.xml.