Server exception occurred: recepient address rejected 550 5.1.2 : domain not found

A client user of a Mendix application tries to create a new object (by pushing the new button which triggers a microflow, without Java actions and opens up a form), and gets the following message: Server exception occurred: recipient address rejected 550 5.1.2 : domain not found She already created new objects pushing the same button without causing the problem. In the microflow and model nothing has changed so far. Any idea what the problem is?
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The error message you get is an SMTP (email) error message. Probably your microflow has an action which tries to send an email message. The To: address used for sending the email is an invalid address, to be more precise, the domain name following the @ does not exist on the internet. Because of that the mail server refuses the recipient mail address. (It would never succeed in delivering mail to a non-existant domain anyway.)