Is there a migration path from the hosted environments to the cloud portal?

I have applications running on hosted environments. I want to convert the applications to 3.0. I'd also like to make use of the functionality that comes with the deployment to the cloud. Is there documentation/advise on how to migrate from hosted environments to the cloud?
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You can request a migration to the Cloud Portal via a support ticket.

Before you do so, please take the following actions:

  • Convert your project to the 3.0.0 Mendix Business Modeler.
  • Run your project with emulated Cloud security.
  • Check if your current environment contains custom additions like an SFTP server or VPN connections. If so, you will have to wait for forthcoming Cloud Portal release in which we will add standardized replacements of custom configurations.

If all mentioned steps are successful you can request a migration. We will provide you with a new environment and after a limited time your old environment will be terminated. In this time you can deploy the 3.0 version of your model in the new environment, execute your tests and migrate your users.