Deep Link for Mendix 3 issue

I followed the documentation for implementing DeepLink, and even made a video, to show that I've followed the steps. When I come to the point to configure a DeepLink during runtime, I get a validation error. Has someone successfully implemented DeepLink in Mendix 3? What I'm trying to accomplish is to have a non-generated URL for a landing page for anonymous visitors to a Mendix App. I'm using Deeplink for this:
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This is a bug in the current version (its filed already). For now I suggest to just remove the validation feedback from the form to workaround this issue.


15-5-2012 and the bug is still there. Shame on you Mendix! Either adjust the documentation to make a reference to this post (will take only a couple of minutes I think) or make a new version of the app which corrects this problem. Now you risk that people file bug reports for things you already know.

And I wasted time to find out why I got an error.