Commit an object through widget JS

mx.processor.get({ xpath: "//Staff.Staff[Name='Lukasek']", callback: function(obj) { //obj.setAttribute("Test", "Test"); console.log(obj.getAttribute("StaffId")); console.log("commiting object :" + obj); mx.processor.commit({ mxobj: obj, callback : dojo.hitch(this, function (obj) { console.log("commiting callback :" + obj); }, obj), error : dojo.hitch(this, function (obj) { logger.error('Could not commit object: '+obj); }, obj) }, this.callback(obj)); } }); The last scope this.callback(obj) .. is it right?? I had it without any scope and in that case i got error obj.getAttribute ... is not a function. Calling obj.setAttribute .. same error ... But i can see in xpath_retriev in firebug, that i can retrive the attribute... Any help? Regards, Noob
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