Start mendix as Windows service: unable to locate the class com.mendix.externalinterface

I would like to start Mendix as a Windows service. I copied a wrapper.conf and application.conf from another project and changed several paths and file directories. After that I start the installservice.bat, a service appears in the window services screen. When I start the service, I get the message 'the process terminated unexpectedly'. Looking in the wrapper.log I see the message WrapperSimpleApp: Unable to locate the class java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: I checked all references to files but it all looks fine. Any idea what line in which .conf refers to this class ? Thanks, Edward
2 answers

Did you set the classpath property in "wrapper.conf" properly? It should contain a reference to a folder in which all libraries the runtime needs are (e.g. mx.jar). It should be something like this: Files/Mendix/2.x.y/xas/*.jar

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