Configuration property ClientQueryTimeout in 2.5.6

Could someone provide us more information about the configuration property 'ClientQueryTimeout'? This one is only mentioned in the release notes of 2.5.6: Possibility to define a query timeout for client actions. Configuration property ClientQueryTimeout. Timeout in seconds. We've requested this feature in ticket 8738, but don't know how to use it. We're can we configure this property? Is there one property value for the whole application What is covered by this? Something like: Queries resulting from filters in datagrids Queries resulting from retrieve actions in microflows Please provide us more info about this item.
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You can set this in the custom settings in your configuration and this is a setting for the entire project. This applies to data being retrieved for a (template/data)grid and exports done in that grid (excel/csv)


Example config for the yaml config file, section mxruntime:

 # Abort database SELECT queries that are started from a client XPath request, or XLS/CSV Export
 # button and run for more than a minute (ok, a bit more). Nginx has a default proxy gateway
 # timeout set at 60 seconds, so continuing while nobody can receive the results anymore is a
 # bit pointless...
 ClientQueryTimeout: 70