Activate user / Forgot password pages in alternative layout

Hi there! I think I’m actually looking for the solution of this forum-topic. All pages of my app are behind a login. There are a few exceptions: Login page (default Mendix loginform is styled, but now login.html as well) Activate useraccount page (validation link) Forgot password page The requirement is that the 3 exceptions (mentioned above) should have the styling of my login-page and the application itself has the style of index.html** How can I accomplish this? The login-page works fine, using login.html. The other 2 pages are difficult. Especially the “forgot password” functionality, since I’d like to include a link in my login.html that points to the forgot password functionality, but a simple deeplink doesn’t work. It keeps showing me login.html*, while the forgot-password page works fine when I just put the link in the browser address-bar). Link: <a href="/link/forgotpassword">forgotpassword</a>. Is it possible to model it like described above? Any help would be appreciated… * EDIT 1 I included a link in my login.html, which is the (forgotpassword deep)link I mention above. When i click on this link, nothing happens: I stay in the login.html When I drag and drop this link to the browser-addressbar, the forgot-passwordpage is shown This page is also shown when I manually type the URL in the addressbar of my browser When I put a breakpoint on the MF that should be executed, I see it indeed doesnt get executed when I click on the link Remark Even when I would fix the forgot-password deeplink, I would still have the styling problems mentioned with **. It is an important problem for me, because the index.html contains deeplinks (in the html code) to "edit my details", "view account-contact" etcetera... These links should not be visible before login...
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You can solve this issue by using deeplink version 2.1.1 which allows to specify the indexpage per deeplink. You could give the activation and password forget deeplinks their own indexpage

Can't say why your link is not working. Maybe the markup is not completely valid, or it interferes with javascript. It might be a styling issue as well. You could try to add a link in another part of the page.