Setting the constant definition

I am still a bit confused about the constant definition setting. I want to set the CommunityCommons.enableReleaseLockEvent to true. I thought these settings could be set in the custom section of the application. But when starting the application I still get this error: ERROR: Could not find microflow constant definition for CommunityCommons.enableReleaseLockEvent]. ERROR: You'll have to add the constant definitions to the configuration in the 'custom' section. I must be doing something simple wrong. And yes I have set it in Development and Test.
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Custom configuration has nothing to do with microflow constants, its about additional JVM parameters and such. You need to adjust the configuration of the deployment, not the configuration of the model.

On unix machines, you can adjust the .m2eerc or m2ee.yaml files, on windows machines you can set these constants in the service console.