Import certificates on Linux environment

We've imported a certificate in our app and want to deploy it to our test environment according to this. This is a Linux machine @ Mendix. Normally, we configure the project settings in the m2ee configuration file. Do we also have to import the certificate in this environment? Or is it enough to import it in our mendix project and deploy it right away? Edit: Solution found @ here. Maybe something for the Mendix guys to make this clear @ the how to for deployment to linux. Because these pages aren't linked, so it took quite some time to find this.
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From the documentation page that you link to:

When running from the Modeler or from Eclipse the certificates will be used automatically to connect over https. In server scenarios the location of the certificate files has to be specified in the configuration file.

As deploying to a Linux server falls under server scenarios, my guess is that you need to configure this using the m2ee configuration file.