Export Enumeration to a Text File or with a SQL Query

Is there a way to export the values and captions of an enumeration to a text file? I would also be happy with a SQL query that can retrieve the data directly from the Postgres database where the Mendix Modeler stores its data. I already found out about table 'enumerationvalue', but it only contains the values. For the captions I would need to join one or more tables but I don't know which ones.
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You could write a java action that enumerates the enumeration using reflection. Then store it in a entity, export it to CSV or whatever you would like to do with it (IssueType being the enumeration type):

    for(IssueType t :IssueType.values()) {
        Core.getLogger("test").info(t.name() + " - " + t.getCaption());