Datagrid XPath constraint: addMonths function support

Hi everyone, I've been trying to limit the scope of a data grid to a certain date range (let's say 3 months back from the current date), and I've been unable to do so. I've tried applying the myDate >= addMonths([%CurrentDateTime%], -3), but the modeler won't except it. Can anyone shed some light on the matter? It seems that this function isn't supported under the data grid XPath constraint.. Thanks in advance!
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Try using

[myDate >= '[%CurrentDateTime%] - 3 * [%MonthLength%]']

Documentation about this feature can be found here, although I see [%MonthLength%] is not in the list. If 3 * [%MonthLength%] doesn't work you may need to use 13 * [%WeekLength%]