Retrieve action using partial text

I'm looking to mimic the standard search functionality in a microflow. I want to be able retrieve an entity based on a partial text input (ignoring case sensitivity if possible). I tried using a retrieve from database with an XPath that reads: [contains(Attribute,$Search/Text)] Attribute being the attribute within the entity I'm searching and the $Search/Text being the input. This doesn't seem to return everything I was hoping it would. Is this the proper way to go about it or is there a better way?
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You can use contains to search in attributes indeed. But this is case sensitive. So if you really want to search case insensitive, you need to save your attribute in the same format as you're searching. For instance, you could store your attribute into a lowercase attribute with toLowerCase($Attribute) and then you can search exactly with:


If you don't do this, you will miss some results because of differences in cases.