Questions about login and sessions

Sometimes we're getting questions from customers about login/logout/sessions. In order to answer these questions we need to understand the login and session mechanims of Mendix. Answering following questions will help us: After how many minutes of inactivity a user will be logged out? After how many minutes a session will be removed What happens when the app is restarted? Will this kill a session? After how many minutes are anonymous sessions cleaned? I know there are multiple questions in one topic, but they apply all on the same subject.
3 answers
  1. In my experience, the answer to your first question is 'never'. If the browser remains open it sends keep-alive requests every 3 minutes and the session will never be automatically logged out. See this quesion for more information.

  2. If you close the browser, the keep-alives are no longer sent and the session will expire and be removed after about 5-10 minutes

  3. Yes

  4. Same behaviour as for a regular user described in answers 1 and 2.

  1. 5 - 10 minutes
  2. ? That is the same i think
  3. yes (maybe not if persistent sessions are used)
  4. see 1.

Due to the fact that comments are limited here are my 2 cents:

Am I the only one who find it strange that the license model of Mendix is primarily based on concurrent usage but that as a developer I have no influence on how long a user stays in the system?

The Mendix system should keep track on inactivity from a logged in user! The ideal situation in my opinion is that as a developer I could set the threshold after which a certain microflow is triggered. By not building this into the system it looks like (and I do not say that it is so, but only looks like ;) ) Mendix wants to make sure that the number of concurrent users are as high as possible.