Calendar Widget v1.4

Hi there! I've found a bug in the calendar widget whereby it won't display events during the current view if they have started before the displayed start date. I've traced the error down to the following line: 203 var xpath = dojo.string.substitute("//${0}${1}[${2} >= ${3} and ${4} < ${5}]", [this.evtEntity, this.constraint, this.startAttr, (+start), this.endAttr, (+end)]); A quick fix I've applied is to extend the XPath as follows: 203 var xpath = dojo.string.substitute("//${0}${1}[(${2} <= ${3} and ${4} <= ${5}) or (${2} <= ${3} and ${4} >= ${5}) or (${2} >= ${3} and ${4} <= ${5}) or (${2} >= ${3} and ${4} >= ${5})]", [this.evtEntity, this.constraint, this.startAttr, (+start), this.endAttr, (+end)]); Additionally, I've updated the widget to include the latest version of the freecalendar package to handle some other inherent bugs, such as the calendar removing full-day items when you scroll on the "day" or "week" view. :)
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Good to hear you fixed them yourself already!

I could include your changes in the package on the AppStore if you wish.

You can send the new version to and I'll get a new version up. (Or create a support ticket for it with the file as attachment)


Ticket submitted with #10250.

I haven't tested all the functions (currently rendering mine as read-only with an Onclick action), and only on FF8.0