payment gateway

Hi, Has anyone used a payment gateway (ecommerce) linked to Mendix or incorporated in a Mendix app (e.g. Paypal, VerySign, etc)? Is there a favourite? Is it as easy as just embedding a video in a site? LR.
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We are using a payment gateway in one of our mendix application. There are 3 basic step to made payment by using payment portal.

Step 1

. Register your transaction request (This will give you a Transaction ID)

Step 2

· Redirect buyer to Payment Portal using TransactionID received from Registration and ReturnPath (specifies the URL a buyer will be redirected back to, when the payment process is finished.)

Step 3

· Collect TransactionID from the page redirected back from Payment Portal.

· Send Finalization request (Capture Payment or Reversal Payment)using the received TransactionID as parameter.