ISA (TMG) / SSO session time out and Mendix. No login page after timeout.

Hi We are using a ISA server for users to login. The users can select private or public pc. For the public pc we did set the "maximum session length" to 30min. After this 30min the session will time-out. We would expect to see the ISA login page again. (This will work with "Outlook Web Access" for example). But with the Mendix application we don't get the login page. We don't get a error. The users will see the application forms that are still in the browser cache. The users do not see the data. If they press the refresh button of Mendix application they still see the form without data. If the users are pressing the F5 button for refresh they will get the ISA login page again. Now we think the problem is the combination ISA server with Mendix. Someone suggestions how to redirect to the login page after timeout? ISA TIME-OUT The ISA session time-out can be set under: Expand Web Listeners, and then double-click the applicable Web listener to open its properties. On the Forms tab, click Advanced. Treat as maximum session duration—To set a time-out based on the session length. Then provide time-outs for public and private computers, which will be used to establish the maximum idle time or maximum session length.
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Hi Michel,

(If I understand correctly) In order to achieve this, you have to write some code in the Mendix application that detects that the ISA session has timed out, and then kills local session of the user in your mendix application (you can search the forum how to achieve this).

If you do not kill the local session, the browser will keep sending keep alive requests to the session, for which reason the browser doesn't log out.


Hi Mark

Thanks for you 're answer. We did read trough the forum but we can't find a post how to achieve this. Can you post the link to the forum article.

Thanks Regards