Password strenght indicator

Hi there! I'd like to implement a password strenght indicator. As we type, some progress-bar or indicator must make visible if a password is weak average good I thought I could implement it, using an onchange microflow that changed the portaluser-object (attribute: passwordstrenght (enum)) So I think I was almost there (...). The only thing is that displaying the enum in a dataview seems to be only possible as dropdownlist and not as image... Any ideas to have this implemented nicely?
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I suggest you take a look at the Progress Bar widget.


I have played a bit with this widget. But I'm having 2 problems. I hope I can work around these, but therefore I need your feedback...

[1] Progress bar widget in combination with validation rules
I have an onchange microflow that changes the (integrer)PasswordStrenght attribute (no commit, refresh: yes).

When I have validation-rules defined on my entity (portaluser) I get validation-messages (password is not strong), that frustrates the progressbar from working. When I type a strong password, the progress-bar gets 100% value... But when I then change the password (to a value that should lead to 50%) the progress bar is not anymore updated. At the same time, a validation-message appears on my attribute password.

This raises 2 questions:

  • [1a] should validation-feedback be there when I didn't try to commit (but only refresh)
  • [1b] Can I not use the progressbar widget with validation-rules*?

*When I deleted the validation-rule, it worked as expected

[2] Progress bar widget in combination with validation rules
In IE the progress-barr is light-blue, in FF/Chrome it is green. How can I make it green in all cases?