No Translation IE8

Hi All, Using IE8 I experience an issue. When viewing a list sometime there will be an message "No Translation". It's not consistently and therefore hard to reproduce. On the forum I found: If you follow the startup sequence in Firebug you should see, " getmetadata (the part of the domain model this user has access to) " activemodules (optionally followed by modules such as reporting and templating) " gettranslations (various translated strings) " retrievemenus (the navigation structure) " retrieveidlist (the current User) " retrievexpath (the roles the current User has) " trigger startup (2.5) or get_startmicroflow (2.4) You should see all of them, regardless of the application you've modeled. Using FF and FFbug I can trace this all is done. But for IE8 I don't know how to trace this. Does anyone experience the same issue or can tell me how to log this in IE8?
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