MxAdmin is gone!!!

Hi there, I recently had a strange thing happening in our application. We are currently running in production, and everything has been running very smoothly. But last week I suddenly lost my MxAdmin login, the one moment I was logged in and ten minutes later I couldn't log in again. Doing a query on the database, I found that the MxAdmin user is not there anymore. Only after I clicked "Create Or Update Admin User" in the advanced Menu, was I able to log in again. How can MxAdmin get deleted out of the database? I am worried that this is going to happen again. Could the ldap module delete MxAdmin? Any reply would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
2 answers

Option 1: The LDAP module was incorrectly setup to sync MxAdmin and removed it (don't know if that is possible).

Option 2: The LDAP module is bugged.

Option 3: Something in your application deleted it.

Option 4: Someone removed it from the database manually.


Any ideas?