Email module (Rollback)

I have a microflow which performs certain actions (starting a questionnaire round). At the end of the microflow I have a submicroflow (SendEmailUsingTemplateName of the email module from the appstore) in a loop, which sends an email to all the employees in the loop. When one employee doesn't have a valid email address the microflow continues sending mails to all the employees, but it rollsback the rest of my flow. (So the round wont start). In the debugger it says that the java action 'SendEmailAttachments' gives the following Microflow return value: 'Error_CustomRollbacked'. How can I change this, so the action wont be rolled back?
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On every step in a microflow you can set Error Handling. Choose custom without rollback. Add an action that is executed when an error occurs. Connect to the action where you just set the error handling. Right click on the connection and 'set as error handler'. A red cross should occur.


It is the right solution. Thank you very much!