Mendix tab component

Hi All, I have a form, where I am using tab component with more then two tabs and in each tab i have custom widget, can i somehow get INDEX of selected tab in widget javascript? I have try it through CSS selectors. There is div with id=mxui-widget-MxTabContainer-0-tablist-mxui-widget-MxTabContent- + some number here(used dash instead underscore). I thought this can be used as index. But when I am changing tabs not in same order the number differs. Any help? Regards,Lukas
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Hi Lukas,

The TabContainer is a pretty complex widget and was never really made for interfacing with other widgets.

With that in mind, I suggest you take a look at the Tab Switcher widget on the AppStore. It already does most of the finding and processing, although it isn't pretty...

Should at least save you the trouble of finding it.